Movie Reviews That'll Put Yer Eye Out, Kid!

The Aeriel (La Antena)

"In Year X in the City Without a Voice, a fascist media regime keeps the population forcibly silent. Plots and counter-plots ensue in this alluring allegory that, ironically, employs the language of silent film to salute the power of free speech. A stunning amalgam of comic books and ’20s-era science fiction."

Trail of the Screaming Forehead - Official Trailer

"Who can sleep with brows on the prowl?!!" Another Z-movie spoof from the creator of The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra. Filmed in the new screen miracle of CraniaScope, Trail of the Screaming Forehead also boasts animated extraterrestrial foreheads courtesy of legend Ray Harryhausen!

The Best Hospital Ever

The trailer for an upcoming horror-comedy about a deranged nurse with a very deadly bedside manner.

The Best Hospital Ever - Watch more free videos

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